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OM Loves Merle: Where Yoga Mats Become Eco-Friendly Bags

OM Loves Merle: Where Yoga Mats Become Eco-Friendly Bags

A downward dog and a spark of inspiration! That's how OLovesM, our line of unique and sustainable bags, was born. Unlike the traditional "OMing" associated with yoga class, for me, it can sometimes be the best place to get creative. This idea led to a journey of research, exciting finds, and a dedication to eco-friendly design.

Our passion lies in transforming upcycled yoga mats, those that were over-produced or no longer needed by studios and stores, into stylish and functional bags. We also prioritize using sustainable materials like over-runs, seconds, ends of rolls of fabric, and whenever possible, we source beautiful, USA-made fabrics. Even the straps for our bags come from leftover webbing from a sandal company!

The name OLovesM? It's a story in itself! "OM" is the yoga chant that sparked the idea, and since it happened in yoga class, it felt perfect. Plus, my husband's nickname is OB, so it playfully translates to "OB Loves Merle." Finally, "OM" are also my initials backwards! It all just clicked.

We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of eco-friendly bags! Remember, with every OLovesM bag, you're not just getting a stylish accessory, you're choosing sustainability and supporting responsible practices.

Ready to discover your perfect eco-friendly companion? Explore our collection of upcycled yoga mat bags!

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