About Clutches Clutches and coin purses are smaller bags - best for carrying in your hand or under your arm, or in a larger bag or tote. These types of bags can be used for holding small personal items or accessories. Clutches have usually been worn at night or at special events, but day time use is getting more and more popular. Wristlets have a small strap that can be worn around your wrist, to add extra protection. They might have a detachable strap which you can put into your clutch when you don't need it, or use it to keep your clutch purse more secure. Some clutches have short shoulder straps, and look nice slung over the shoulder; this is a fun and sassy look! Clutch handbags come in a variety of shapes, materials and fabrics. We have fabric accents such as animal prints, polka dot prints, and many more that will make any day or evening fun and exciting. Clutches and wristlets do not take away from an outfit, but add personality - or should we say purse-anality!! Do not over look your wallet and coin purse. A simple wallet-style OlovesM bag is the Mini; it comes in all colors, and can go anywhere. You can also use it as a coin purse, make-up case, or just a dash-and-go wallet for that quick trip.

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