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 Finding Inspiration in Downward Dog

Hi there! I'm Merle, the founder of OLovesM. Believe it or not, the idea for our eco-friendly bags struck me during a yoga class, while in downward dog, to be precise!. While some might say "OMing" is the goal, for me, yoga can sometimes be the perfect space to brainstorm new ideas. That single spark ignited a journey of research, exciting discoveries, and a whole lot of sustainable style.

Upcycled Materials for Unique Bags

OLovesM bags are more than just fashion statements; they're a commitment to sustainability. We primarily use upcycled yoga mats, giving new life to overstock or unused materials from studios and stores. We also source gorgeous fabric remnants, including overruns, seconds, and end-of-roll materials. Plus, we proudly use USA-made fabrics whenever possible, and even the webbing straps come from the leftovers of a sandal company!

The Story Behind the Name

The name OLovesM is a playful nod to several things. OM, what you chant in yoga, reflects the moment of inspiration. It also incorporates my husband's nickname, OB, forming a sweet sentiment: OB Loves Merle. Finally, the letters are simply my initials reversed (Merle O). It all came together perfectly, and OLovesM was born!

We Hope You Smile with OLovesM

We invite you to explore our collection of unique and sustainable bags, crafted with love for the planet and a touch of creativity. Remember, at OLovesM, we believe in spreading joy, so go forth and Smile, Smile, Smile!


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