The OlovesM Story

I was on my yoga mat in downward dog when the idea for my bags "popped" into my head! Yes, I know I should have been "OMing" out - but for me, yoga class can sometimes be the best place for me to Think, Create, Design. That idea lead to a TON of research, exciting adventures, and tons of stories.

Our bags are mostly made from new yoga mats that were over produced, or that studios or stores could not use. The fabrics we use are either over-runs, seconds, ends of rolls, or USA-made, which is very exciting! Even the straps for our bags comes from the webbing left over when a sandal company sold its business.

Oh, the name -- it has a few meanings, which are all part of the story!  OM is what you chant in yoga, and since I was in class when the idea popped into my head - it seemed perfect! Plus, my husband's nickname is OB, so OB loves Merle, and finally, OM are my initials backwards! It all made sense to me -- so I went with it:)

Have fun checking out our bags, and most of all remember to-

Smile, Smile, Smile