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Happy Earth Day 2024

Happy Earth Day 2024
Our planet Earth, a vibrant ball, Where sunshine dances, waterfalls! From mountains reaching to the sky, To oceans where the dolphins fly.
But yikes! A mess, a growing heap, Of plastic bags, oh so deep.
Our fishy friends, with scales so bright, Used to dart and shimmer, a joyful sight. But plastic piles, a tangled maze, Confuse their homes and block their plays.
OLovesM joins in, with a joyful shout, Turning scraps around, with love throughout! Giving new life to what once lay low, Eco-friendly bags, ready to go!
For Earth Day's not a day alone, It's every choice, a seed we've sown. Reduce, reuse, with mindful hand, Together we can make a stand.
OLovesM walks with you, it's true, For a healthy Earth, me and you!

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