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Women Are Staying Hydrated With Our Water Bottle Holder Purses

Women Are Staying Hydrated With Our Water Bottle Holder Purses

Women Are Staying Hydrated With Our Water Bottle Holder Purses

Let’s face it, keeping ourselves hydrated is imperative, but remembering to take your water bottle everywhere can be daunting. In fact, more and more women have a desire to drink more water, but oftentimes simply forget. But what women don’t do is forget their purse.

Now, most women don’t want the bulkiness of a water bottle stuffed in their purse, but what about a purse that literally puts the focus on hydration? A purse that allows you to still have your cell phone, wallet and keys but the purse actually allows you to carry your water bottle with ease. That’s what we’ve done. 

We’ve created a water bottle purse that is perfect for every woman. The OLovesM water bottle purse is a crossbody purse with a crossbody strap and it has a large opening that allows you to easily insert your water bottle. The back has a mesh pocket where you can slide your cell phone in and easily slide out that will keep you connected with family and friends. The front has a Velcro pocket where you can place your keys, credit card, and a small wallet.

Women are taking our water bottle purses anywhere and everywhere. Why? Because they make it easy to stay hydrated while out hiking, walking with friends, biking, even traveling. Traveling women love the ability to grab items and take them with them while they take bus tours, visit museums, go to sporting events and more.

Mom’s love our water bottle holder for their daughters. For many, it is about teaching great habits to their daughters. More and more women are purchasing water bottle holders for both themselves and their daughters, while many daughters are purchasing water bottle holders for their older mother. What we’re finding is that older women love our water bottle holders to make sure that they always have water on hand to make taking pills or medication easier while on the go.


We’re happy to see the various uses of our water bottle holder purses and how they’re being used and celebrated by women of all ages.


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