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6 Fun Bags To Bring Hiking In Zion National Park

6 Fun Bags To Bring Hiking In Zion National Park

Are you planning a trip to Zion National Park? This nature preserve in Utah features amazing scenery like deep canyons, waterfalls, and hanging gardens. Some areas of the park are at a high elevation, where altitude sickness could take a toll. Staying hydrated should be a top priority! To help you make the most of your hiking trip and stay hydrated while out on the trails, we’ve put together this list of 6 fun things to bring on your hike to Zion National Park.

1.  For the dog-lovers out there, we have the perfect PETA-approved pack for your hiking trip. The Hiker- Fanny Pack in brown with dog print is just about the best vegan bag you can have out on the trail. This is what we call the “double-hiker.” You’ll have the convenience of a double water bottle holder plus zipper pouches – all in one sturdy, lightweight pack. The adjustable waist strap makes sure the bag doesn’t ride up and stays comfortable throughout your entire hike. The cute dog print matches perfectly with the upcycled brown yoga mat material that disguises dirt while being easy to clean!



2.  Do you prefer a cross-body hiking bag that also has room to carry your water bottle for convenient hydration? Have a look at the Blue Bloom Print Water Bottle Holder Purse. This super cute bag uses bright blue recycled yoga mat material with an abstract floral design fabric on top. The cross-body style holds your water bottle so you can hike hands-free. The mesh pocket and zipper pouch provide plenty of room for your keys, phone, and other small items.


3.  The next bag on our list is a water bottle holder purse in earthy brown shades. Check out the Brown Water Bottle Purse with Sunburst Print. Made with our eco-friendly, upcycled yoga mat material in an earthy brown with a sunburst print material on top, this bag is stylish and perfect for keeping your water bottle accessible on the trail.


4.  Looking for a water bottle holder to stay hands-free while hiking, but don’t need a lot of room to carry extra things? The Water Bottle Holder With Pocket Floral Print is the perfect solution. This lightweight water bottle holder comes in five beautiful floral print fabrics to choose from. The straps are adjustable and can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder to keep your water bottle close at hand. The eye-catching floral prints might gain you a few compliments on your hike!


5.  The next item on our list is another lightweight, single water bottle holder with a cross-body strap. The long strap on the Water Bottle Holder With Mesh Pocket lets you wear the bag with the water bottle resting at your hip for easy access. The featured mesh pocket gives you quick access to your phone for capturing the amazing sights at Zion National Park. This water bottle holder bag comes in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s taste, including royal blue, seafoam, and lavender. Each bag is made from upcycled yoga mat material and handmade in the USA. 


6.  If you haven’t found your perfect water bottle holder bag on this list, then you might find it in the Red Sunburst Print Water Bottle Holder Purse. Another great cross-body option for hiking, this purse keeps your water bottle handy all day. With its upcycled bright red yoga mat material and matching sunburst fabric on top, this bag is beautiful and functional. 

We hope this list gives you 6 fun bags that you can bring hiking in Zion National Park. Like all of OLovesM’s products, every bag is made in Colorado, USA by a woman-owned company from upcycled materials. Not only will you be equipped with the perfect bag to remind you to stay hydrated, but you’ll have a cool story to tell out on the trail!

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