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Top Wildly Awesome Gifts For Women You Can't Go Wrong With!

Top Wildly Awesome Gifts For Women You Can't Go Wrong With!

The holidays are around the corner, Black Friday & Cyber Monday kick off the shopping season. So what do you have planned to buy for the women in your life? Well, we're going to show you some super thoughtful gifts that women will love!


From teens to grandmothers, women always need a bag to carry their personal items. Some like crossbody bags, some enjoy a shoulder bag and others like totes. 

But why OLovesM? We're passionate about the earth, keeping things out of the landfills and being eco-friendly. Our bags are eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and PETA approved.  They're unique and women's faces just light up when they receive them. They're full of vibrant colors, super-soft materials and are made right here in the U.S.A. 

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags have gained in popularity, especially active women. With your phone and wallet right at your side and the more crossbody style, women carry them in every size! Crossbody bags become a part of a women's style and are loved by teens and moms!

Top Pick

The top pick crossbody bags are the Black Cosmo Crossbody Bag. The all-black look is extremely popular and goes with every outfit. Black is a timeless color and the long adjustable strap makes this a great purse for all women.

Shop The Black Cosmo Crossbody Bag Today.

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Tote Bags

Every woman over 30 needs and wants a tote bag. I don't know if we become hoarders or just want to carry everything we own everywhere we go but tote bags become a women's best friend!.

All kidding aside, tote bags are great for women who like to craft, read, have young children and great for traveling.

Our selection of tote bags is available here.

Top Pick

Our most popular tote bag for the holiday season is the Red Jute Tote Bag. The red vibrant colors filled with holiday red and gorgeous Jute.

Made from soft yoga mat material, this tote bag will last for years and easily cleaned with a damp cloth or simply toss in the washer.

The jute design is a timeless classic that is always in demand with women and this bag can be worn all year round.

Shop the Red Jute Tote Today!

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Water Bottle Purses

Water bottle purses are simply the best thoughtful gift for women who are active and always have a water bottle with them. It gives them a convenient way to carry their water bottle and has pockets to store things like their wallet, cell phone and other items like keys, snacks and more. The water bottle purse is worn just like a crossbody bag but offers the ability to carry up to 25oz of water. 

Many women who walk take the bag with them or even take it to the gym so they don't need to use a locker.

Top Pick

The top pick for the water bottle holders is the super popular Polka Dot Water Bottle Holder Purse. It's popular on our site as well as Amazon, adorns a splash of color but the primary color is black. It has the classic polka dot with soft colors.

Water bottle holders' purses are water bottle holders and purses in one. Teens love them, mom's love them, grandmother's love them. You can't go wrong here! 

Shop The Polka Dot Water Bottle Holder Purse Today.

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Author: Merle O'Brien, OLovesM

Olovesm.com is a brand obsessed with loving and caring for the earth, being eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and offering women great handbags, purses and totes that are both fun and functional.


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