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2020 My Year To Blog!!

2020 My Year To Blog!!

Hi OLMers, this is Merle, the owner of OLovesM, also known as the M in OM:)

I would like to keep you updated on whats going, new bag ideas and also ask you for your opinion on new ideas, since who netter to ask then my amazing customers, friends and family reading this:)

I know we are already into 2020 so let me fill you in on whats been happening, and honestly to keep it easier to read, I will do what I find easy and fun to read- snippets/bullet list

January 2020- Inventory, New Bag Styles, Trade Show

Inventory- is a big deal and honestly, my accountant will be even happier knowing it was done! Loaded with lots of paper- yes, I still do inventory by hand, I counted all the bags by style- big task that took a day and a half.

Starting next month, I will do inventory once a month and adding a Sale page- yes!! With bags we are discontinuing. Gotta make room for the new styles which I have to admit- are pretty awesome!!

New Bag Styles- During the year I am always thinking about new designs. I feel very lucky to have worked with Bernie my production gal for 10 years!  Between the two of us, we draw designs on paper, talk them through and then start creating. I decided it is so nice to just get the idea made into a bag, and then tweak it after the fact. Good news, those prototypes end up for sale at my local Aspen Saturday market:)

Below is the new Stella-yep, I must say adorable, holds a lot for a smaller size and it's a cross body purse. I will talk more about new styles next blog but just had to share one:)

Trade Show-Last week I was at my trade show in Denver. Outdoor Retailer is a biggie! I won't go into lots of detail, but lets just say its hard work, lots of talking, ok I like that part, great to see show friends and meet new ones- yes I go to meet buyers of stores and get the bags into new places:)

If you know a store that would be good, please email me and you will get a free bag if they bring the line in!!  merle@sopris.net  Not to mention you would have OlovesM bags closer to you:)


January was a busy one, and I plan to keep sharing what it's like to run this bag biz. If you ever have questions, please ask me, you know I was a teacher and it's in my blood to help, teach and make sure I can help when needed. My goal would be to write a guide or book that only has actionable ideas to help you in biz!! 

Thank you for reading to the end:) Please use the code BLOG and get $10 off your next order





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