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Why Buy U.S.A. Made Products?

Why Buy U.S.A. Made Products?

Why Buy U.S.A. Made Products?

In a day where anything can be made overseas for less than three dollars, there's been a surge over the last few years to support American made products. So what's the hubbub? Why should you care about where products you buy come from?

We're going to discuss why so many are making the switch and asking where products are made before spending their hard-earned dollar.

Quality Of U.S.A. Made Products

The first is quality. The quality of items that come from places like China is made from low-quality materials. This is one of the factors that allow them to sell inexpensive items to the U.S. at such a low cost. Most of those items are then sold at a lower price than items that are made in the U.S.A.

When this happens it makes it difficult for companies in the U.S. who crafted their products in the U.S. to compete because consumers question why they should pay such high price points when they can get it for less. The answer most often is that you can get it for less, but the quality is not the same and you may likely end up replacing the item faster than if you'd purchased it from a U.S. based company.

Fair Labor & Child Labor Laws

In America, we have laws that protect both children and adults and we can feel good about the products that we buy knowing that they were made humanely.

Unfortunately, when products are purchased outside the U.S. we are in fact supporting countries that do not have the proper laws in place that prevent things such as sweatshops and unsafe working conditions for individuals including men, women, and children.

Jobs Leaving The U.S.

When companies move jobs overseas it's usually once and done, it's not temporary and usually not bringing them back to the U.S. This move from corporations hurts the U.S. economy which can create deficits here in jobs as well as spending power.

By purchasing products made in the U.S. we create new jobs, which in turn creates more spending power, which strengthens the economy.

Safety Standards

Products that are manufactured in the U.S. go through rigorous safety standards that protect us. Those standards simply don't exist in some other countries. When we purchase items manufactured outside the country we run the risk of being exposed to chemicals and materials that aren't healthy such as using lead to make baby toys, candies, food, and cosmetics.

You wouldn't buy it if you knew, but unfortunately, imported items don't go through the same rigorous testing as items manufactured in the U.S.

This includes the lack of safety for those who live in and around factories. The bi-product of factories in other countries has limited the air quality for all due to lack of proper measures and laws to ensure that chemical by-products are not negatively impact the air quality.

So while yes, buying American made can be slightly higher than imported goods, you can feel good that you are supporting fair labor, receiving a higher quality item and that you are being protected from being exposed to materials that are harmful to your health.

Author: Merle O'Brien, OLovesM

OLovesM is proud to be a completely U.S.A. made company, producing high-quality purses, totes, and handbags that are handcrafted in Colorado.

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