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Take a Hike- Gateway Canyon BEAUTIFULLLL

Take a Hike- Gateway Canyon BEAUTIFULLLL

My husband and rescue Frenchie "Pink" drove through this area the other day- I have lived in Colorado since 1980 and Aspen which is close to Gateway since 1983 and have never taken this drive. WELL, I will be going back for sure, it's beautiful. Seriously, I have always enjoyed Utah and Moab area for its red rock formations and blue skies and of course hiking and biking trails. BUT, now we have a new "fav" area its Gateway!

I had my Ajax water bottle holder with me, thank goodness, since we took Pink for a walk around the Gateway Canyon Resort and Car Museum ( OK, its all amazing just google to read about it) and between holding my water bottle, Pink's dog treats and some snacks for me and my hubby-  The Ajax never fails!!

If you only have time for one hike in the Gateway Trails Area, this is it.  The BLM trail system in Gateway explores a low mesa south of the Gateway Canyons Resort.  The area sits at the mouth of John Brown Canyon and offers amazing views of the surrounding red rock formations, including the iconic Palisade formation.

 Thank you to this website for directions and photos of a great hike! http://www.gohikecolorado.com/vista-grande-loop.html

Another site with good info:  https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/entrada-trail-vista-grande-loop-lumsden-loop-runway-trail

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