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Mother's Day-What I did for my mom!

Mother's Day-What I did for my mom!

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share some ideas for wrapping up and or like me shipping out. I was lucky enough to visit my mom 2 weeks ago and for us that would be our Mom's Day together, since our airport is closed for 2 weeks, I wasn't able to get home on the Official Mother's Day. 

No worries, since we had a blast on our Mom & Daughter's Day!

Gift Ideas- ( making it simple to read down the list and grab what works for you)

1. Like the photo for the blog- I printed out a picture of us on 6x4 card stock. I happened to have some photo card stock, so it made it glossy. On the back side add your wording. PERFECT card for any occasion! People love them:)

2. Since I have yoga mat scraps lying around I cut some hearts and added them to the package- they can also be used as coasters! ** Starting to add some for FREE to orders I ship out** OH, just another reason to buy an OLovesM Bag:)

3. If you buy our Water Bottle Holders my "fav" idea is to add a water bottle-(email me and I will add one for free ( while supplies last) If giving to a DOG Walker, Animal lover put some treats inside. Make your own, I tried the first recipe from this article. We have a rescue Frenchie-Pink and she loves them plus coconut oil is ok for them and their skin 

water bottle holder by OlovesM bags called the Ajax
4. More Ideas in the next blog- too long an article- I think people stop reading:)

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