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More Than Just Yoga Mat Bags: OLovesM has a diverse assortment of styles

More Than Just Yoga Mat Bags: OLovesM has a diverse assortment of styles

OlovesM bags has a diverse assortment of bags for everyone. Our crossbody purses, tote bags and water bottle holders not only are handmade but have a great story, well priced and styles we all enjoy and use!

While yoga mat totes remain a cornerstone of OLovesM's collection, the range has expanded to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Today, you'll find a treasure trove of bags, each one a testament to OLovesM's commitment to both functionality and fashion:

    • Spacious Totes: Perfect for everyday errands, farmers markets, or impromptu adventures, OLovesM totes offer ample room for groceries, gym gear, or even your trusty yoga mat. Click Here

    • Crossbody Companions: Keep your essentials close and hands-free with OLovesM's stylish crossbody bags. Available in various sizes and designs, they're ideal for busy days or evenings out. See them here

    • Chic Clutches: Add a touch of understated elegance to your outfit with an OLovesM clutch. Crafted from repurposed yoga mats with contrasting accents, these versatile clutches are perfect for day or night. Click here to see whats in stock

    • Water Bottle Holders: Stay hydrated on the go with OLovesM's insulated water bottle holders. Made from, you guessed it, repurposed yoga mats, these stylish carriers keep your drinks cool and your hands comfortable. Click here to see our popular H20 Holders!

Beyond the Bags: A Commitment to Community and the Planet

OLovesM's dedication extends far beyond its beautiful bags. The company actively supports local communities by employing skilled artisans in Colorado and sourcing USA-made materials whenever possible. Additionally, OLovesM partners with various environmental organizations to minimize its footprint and support conservation efforts.

Choosing an OLovesM bag is more than just a fashion statement; it's a conscious choice to embrace sustainability, support American craftsmanship, and own a piece of a unique story. So, whether you're a yoga enthusiast, an eco-warrior, or simply someone who appreciates quality and style, OLovesM has a bag waiting to be your everyday companion.

Visit the OLovesM website today and discover the perfect repurposed yoga mat bag for your lifestyle!


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