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Go Hands-Free With These 6 Cool Crossbody Purses

Go Hands-Free With These 6 Cool Crossbody Purses

Go Hands-Free With These 6 Cool Crossbody Purses

Crossbody purses are the perfect choice for women on-the-go. Are you looking for a high-quality purse that’s easy to clean, versatile, and stylish? It’s not too good to be true! Here are our top 6 picks for cool crossbody purses to check out today.

Bernie Green Stripe Print Crossbody Bag 


Great for travel and everyday use, it’s no wonder that “The Bernie” is one of our most popular bags! Check out the Bernie Green Stripe Print Crossbody Bag. You’ll feel great about using this stylish, eco-friendly bag. It’s made with our signature recycled yoga mat material in a kelly green color, with a striped pattern fabric on top. And like all of our bags, you can be proud to tell people that your bag was handmade in Colorado. The Bernie comes in the perfect size to carry all your essentials and is lightweight so it won’t weigh you down.  

Cosmo Red Crossbody Purse 


Looking for something that you can take straight from the office to a dinner out? In comes the Cosmo Red Crossbody Purse. This bag is one of our most versatile options. It features a lovely red color that can be dressed up or down. The durable strap can be left long, or try tying up the strap for a different look. And the material is super easy to clean, making it effortless to keep your bag looking fresh. 

Stella Orange Cross Body Purse-Floral 

We think this bag speaks “fun”! The Stella Orange Cross Body Purse-Floral is one of our newest designs, made with our signature upcycled yoga mat material paired with a floral pattern. The yoga mat material is recycled and easy to clean, making this purse an amazing eco-friendly choice. To top it off, the floral material is made in the USA and the straps are upcycled from sandal webbing, too. 

Nell Red Cross Body Sunburst Print 

Do you like to organize your items in different pockets within your purse? If so, this new design was made for you. The Nell Red Cross Body Sunburst Print has two outside zipper pockets plus an extra inside pocket. The outside zipper pockets are the perfect places to secure your keys and phone to keep them within easy reach. The Red Cross Body purse is high-quality yet lightweight for everyday use. And like all of our bags, it’s made with recycled yoga mat material that’s water-resistant. If you place your bag on a wet or dirty surface, your bag can be cleaned off so easily.

Nell Gray Cross Body Polka Dot Print

Have you tried out one of our Nell Cross Body purses yet? The Nell Gray Cross Body Polka Dot Print is another stylish option from our line of Nell crossbody purses that’s as versatile as it is easy on the eyes! This cute purse features plenty of pockets for you to organize your essentials. You can even fit a bottle of water in this bag for a busy day out. This bag is fun and functional!

Bernie Black Cross Body Purse 

If you’ve ever used The Bernie, you know that this purse is cute, versatile, and so easy to clean. Let us introduce the new Bernie Black Cross Body Purse. Did you know you can just toss this purse in the washing machine? It’s true! The high-quality materials hold up from wear and washing and last for years. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect purse for travel or a bag that fits your everyday lifestyle, we hope this list of crossbody bags helps you find the purse that’s perfect for you. All of OLovesM crossbody purses are handmade in Colorado and are backed by a money-back guarantee. What’s not to love?!

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