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An OLovesM Poem-Be a part of the fun, read how....

An OLovesM Poem-Be a part of the fun, read how....

Calling all wordsmiths, poets, friends of poem writers really anyone wanting to be a part of the first OLovesM let's spread some smiles, laughs and feel good vibes by writing about the bags we all know and love!

Here is my first try:

In Colorado's heart, where mountains kiss the sky, OLovesM bags are born, with purpose soaring high. Crossbody companions, freeing hands to roam, Colors dance, like wildflowers grown, in the eco-friendly zone.

OLovesM whispers eco-tales, with every shade so bold, Ocean blues and fiery trails, stories waiting to unfold. A canvas bright, for adventures grand, or city lights that gleam, Sustainable treasures, hand in hand, fulfilling every dream.
Carry kindness, stitch by stitch, a sustainable choice you can happily call mine.
Email your to merle@olovesm.com and we are excited to post and share the OLovesM love:)
Use the code POEM22 to get 22% off our best discount!! It let's me know you read this- merle:)

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