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All About Water Bottle Bags

All About Water Bottle Bags

Water Bottle Bag

There are many benefits to having a bag for your water bottle. One is that it's a hands-free way to carry your water. With a shoulder strap that rests on your shoulder and allows the water bottle carrier to cross your body and let your water bottle rest on your hip. Water bottle holders for walking and hiking can carry a cell phone, keys, credit card, and other things if you get a water bottle phone holder.

Choosing A Water Bottle

When selecting an actual water bottle, it should be a water-resistant insulated water bottle with a wide mouth and BPA free. Make sure that it can hold the amount of water you need during your travels, but not so much that it weighs you down by lugging too much water with you. 8oz to 16oz is should be sufficient.

When filling up your water bottle make sure you use cold water as the insulation should allow it to remain cold for hours.

Choosing the Type Of Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle BagsThere are various types of water bottle holders including fanny packs or water bottle holders with straps but this is really about your comfort and what will allow you to complete your goal without having shoulder pain, hip pain or just plain uncomfortable because you feel your water bottle is holding you back.

Women have many options to choose from including water bottle holder purses, tote bag with water bottle pockets but we simply love the water bottle holder with a shoulder strap as we find that you can position the water bottle and strap multiple ways to maintain comfortability throughout your journey. A shoulder strap water bottle usually comes with a long strap that is adjustable.

It's important to take the time to adjust the strap so that it fits you where the water bottle is resting on your hip. If it has a long strap without the ability to adjust then you can just tie a knot and pull of the slack so the knot is on your shoulder. You wear the strap on your left or right shoulder and allow it to cross your body like a messenger bag. Some women call it a shoulder bag or a water bottle purse but no matter what you call it, it will be an important item on long walks or hikes.

Water Bottle Holder With Straps

A little more on straps, make sure the strap that you have is not too wide or too thin. A one-inch strap is probably a good width that will ensure it will not dig into your shoulder or rub your neck. If you have other items that you need to carry you can opt for a tote bag with water bottle holder or a purse with a water bottle holder but lugging a lot of items can weigh you down so the goal is to take as little as possible with you but still have what you need. A water bottle carrier bag or water bottle holder with shoulder strap can offer small pockets that you can carry your essentials and still get away from a bag that is big or bulky.

Designs For Water Bottle Carrier Bags

Now that we've got the functionality discussion out of the way, we can talk about style. Why carry the generic black water bottle bag that everyone else is carrying? Why not add a splash of color? A little flair! OLovesM offers water bottle carrier bags in various colors including blue, red, yellow, green, purple and pink. We have floral prints and dog print fabrics for the dog lovers. We also carry our yoga mat material water bottle bag which has a mesh pocket. Women love this bag because it's eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and well it's saving the world one water bottle bag at a time. You see, we take new yoga mat material that was headed to the landfill and we repurpose it into various bags, it's our way of taking care of the earth.



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