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About Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are a perfect solution for carrying your laptop computer - to work or wherever! Being able to bring your work or fun with you is a nice option. Our computer and laptop bags come in a few different sizes, shapes and colors. All our laptop bags, iPad sleeves, iPad bags, computer handbags, computer bags, and laptop sleeves are all made in the USA, and are made from materials that will cushion your device.

If you need an office computer bag, laptop bag, or iPad bag we have a variety of options from conservative to fun, with fabric prints that really show off your personality. For the working woman, the Sopris is our OlovesM briefcase. It makes for the perfect laptop bag, and will also hold all your other work related items. If you are on the go with your iPad, the OlovesM Bernie bag and the Sopris sleeve are just a few items in our line that will help you get where you are going and keep your devices safe - while making a fashion statement!

Laptop handbags come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and fabric. Choosing one (or more!) that are perfect for you is the fun part! I love Red; its' many shades of Bold-ness make it a popular color. Royal, Olive, Brown and of course Black are also great colors for your laptop, iPad, Nook and Kindle bags. Please enjoy our many yoga mat colors with our fun, coordinating fabrics!