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About Totes

Tote bags are defined as large roomy handbags or shopping bags with an open top. Totes can be used for so many things - shopping bags, beach totes, sporting totes, pool totes, diaper bag totes, and more. A tote can hold a lot! A double-handle tote is nice - it helps if you have a heavy load in the bag. A lot of light-weight totes are used for shopping bags. When you have to bring a few totes to the grocery, it is nice to have a lot of light-weight, foldable totes to toss in your car and then your cart.

Having a handbag tote in a sturdy fabric (like yoga mat!) can he helpful. Totes can have zipper closures which is nice; this way items can be secure. OlovesM offers a variety of totes and the durable yoga mat material is sure to keep all your "stuff" secure.

Totes have many purposes, and always good to have a few on hand. Tote handbags are great for everyday, diaper bag totes are easy to toss baby stuff in, and of course the all-purpose tote for everything else!

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